Trek Camp 2007

First Fire, First Drink... Qapla'

(Amber Thompson, Debbie French with Jim McClure in the background)

Ahh, the marvels of fire!

(Debbie & Larry French, David Ferber and James Nicholson's back of the head shot)

I'm an Executive Officer not a Chef!

(Christine Anderson)

Glory's Senior NCO, SSGT James Nicholson, just a kickin' back

The beginnings of settling down for the evening.

(James, David, Ron Seymour, Amber, Larry and Jim in the background on the phone)

Subspace communications will even work in the WV hills!

(Jim and Amber)

At least there is privacy in them there woods, just watch out for the Corn Man!

nuqDaq Dochvam vIlan

(What do I do with this?)

naDev tlhInganpu' tu'lu'

(There are Klingons around here)

nuqDaq Yuch Dapol

(Where do you keep the chocolate?)

Out of the smoke comes a mean, green SF Marine!

Inter-chapter collaboration?

Cadets from the USS Glory

Scottie & Charlie Anderson with James Nicholson

If they would always be this close???

James, you need to relax!  It's not a combat zone, it's R&R dude!

Making plans???  Watch out folks!!!

The plan is made, now we all need to watch our backs

Where is Vern Troyer???

Better keep your eyes on that one behind you there Ron!

The youngest Inferno and Glory members at Trek Camp

I think we know where Vern Troyer went to!

Deb, he don't swing thata way!

Big sticks... Scottie's thought "How do I love thee, let me count the ways?"

Where is my weenie???

Dream on!!!

Told ya to watch your back!!!

Did they plump when you cooked them???

Dude, it's like 100 degrees and where am I??? Cooking and what do I get??? Absolutely nothing

Watch out McDonalds, here comes McFerbers!!!

Better rethink this version of a foxhole

OK, so this foxhole ain't so great!

So what is next???

Charlie, practicing natural camouflage

More cadet training exercises

High crawl, or dog walk... ahh who cares it looks fun!

The girl cadets arrive!  Thanks to the Dragons Fury

(Scottie, Kymberly & Stephanie Knapp, James and Charlie behind rock)

Scottie says "I love sticks!!!"

Sitting in my chair watchin' all the girls go by

Dragons Fury CO and Yeoman sittin before their turn at the cook stove

(Howard and LaDonna Knapp)

21 yet???

Sticks, where are you???

You know, any time the Inferno is around there just has to be a fire!

More fire fixations

My aren't we just so messy today.  Don't worry, that will change later that night, real fast!

Here comes the trash guy, wait we still need to clean up first.

Can anyone say Litter Bugs?

Still the trash guy waits but we just can not take the garbage out!

Quiet contemplation or is he just searching for another stick?

CO is getting a slight chewing out from his Yeoman.

Wonder what his picture looked like?


Picture of a photographer??? Or is he just a poser?

How do you work this confounded thing?

Taking in the ambiance of the festivities.

The Dragons Fury has calmed down.

Still trying to figure that darn thing out???

A little about Trek Camp...

    Trek camp originated with camping by the USS Inferno.  With the closeness of the USS Dragons Fury and USS Glory we decided to make it a joint venture and call it Trek Camp.  We will continue the camp again next year and in Pennsylvania.  Log on frequently to see where and when the next Trek Camp will be held.